Let's work together. 

I've been a music & culture journalist for Voice Media Group since 2009, and have written about books & media for various outlets. I worked as the Music Editor of Westword, Denver's long-running alt-weekly newspaper, and the Editor-in-Chief of Indiana Review, an award-winning national literary magazine. In addition to leading writing workshops with students of all ages, I've designed promotional materials for a university department, and managed websites, press, marketing and social media strategy for arts nonprofits. I provide writing and editing services for print, digital, social, and radio, as well as for professional & academic applications and projects. My first goal is to help my clients hone their voice and best represent their vision. Get in touch and let's talk.

Available services include:

  • Prose manuscript review, flat rate
  • Copyediting (creative prose, journalism, website copy, promotional material), hourly rate
  • Proofreading (see above), hourly rate
  • Developmental editing (creative prose, applications), hourly rate
  • Copywriting (websites, promotional material), hourly rate
  • Voice-over, flat rate

"Dang. You kinda killed the game. You tore my story apart (in a very good way) and made it a lot tighter. Numerous people have read it, but nobody has helped me the way you have. This is exactly what I needed. You are like my own personal Jesus Christ." -- Nick Brasco, MFA candidate in fiction, who never exaggerates

"...Her ability to build rapport easily, to anticipate the needs of a business, to seek solutions to challenges, and to communicate effectively. Her talents as a writer have been acknowledged and awarded and are now fully engaged in her career, but we like to think we were there when!" -- Sarah Walters, International Protocol & Business Etiquette Consultant

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